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Drumming Circles

“The Living At Peace drumming circle program taught our students teamwork, it reinforced musical concepts and gave a cultural perspective of the origins of African drumming. We really enjoyed the program so if you have the opportunity, bring this program to your school.
Mr. Mark Daniels -Principal, Indian Fields Elementary School, South Brunswick, NJ


"Thanks you so much for taking the time to share your expertise with our faculty during our in-service day. Your program was outstanding. The content was packed with an incredible amount of usable information and undoubtedly provided a valuable educational experience for our faculty. The feedback from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive."
Peggy Cioce - Hillsborough Township School District Supervisor of Visual and Performing Art, NJ"


"Thank you for sharing your expertise with ISS during our 2012 Educational Leadership Conference. The African Drum Circle was a fantastic way to begin our conference with lots of energy, enthusiasm and collaboration. You took the details I gave you regarding what we wished to accomplish and incorporated them perfectly. It was a pleasure working with you!"
Rebecca Krisulevicz - Senior Administrative Assistant for International Schools Services, Inc.


"On behalf of the St. Lawrence Support Group for Stroke and Brain Injured, I want to extend my sincere thanks for conducting the "Drum for Your Life" drumming circle program. The handouts were informative and your explanations perfect, allowing time to explore and play. The group was alive! Everyone participated—all could be involved at whatever level was comfortable for them. I heard several people say "We need to do this again". You have opened an exciting new venue for many people to explore on their road to wellness."
Camille Lombard - St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center Support Group Coordinator, Lawrenceville, NJ

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Sharon Silverstein and The Peace Project


On behalf of the Board of Directors and the staff of The Peace Center, thank you and your musicians for your talents on May 14th, 2011 at the Arun Gandhi event in New Hope, PA. Your musical performance was beautiful, inspiring, and moving. We all felt a new sense of peace when we sat and listened. It set a mood, introduced people to a new way of meditating and helped to soften our souls and our hearts to be able to hear and grasp Arun Gandhi's message.
Barbara Simmons - Executive Director of The Peace Center, Langhorne, PA


Ms. Silverstein and The Peace Project touch the very soul, conveying ideas about unconditional love, grace and the great human potential all humans have for true wisdom. Ms. Silverstein’s lyrics hit you at a deep, almost subconscious level. Her resonate voice — a little bit Sheryl Crow, a touch Grace Slick and a smidgeon Janis Joplin — gives her music a transformational quality. Anyone who listens to her CD “Alive” gets a kind of Living At Peace spiritual boot camp.
Susan Van Dongen - Courier News 2008


All ages will be inspired when listening to the motivational album “Alive” by Sharon Silverstein and The Peace Project. A wonderful vocalist, Silverstein proves her ability to sing with the grace and style of enthusiastic stimulation with the intonation of folk rock. The title track “Alive” is fresh and energetic in tempo, with nice harmonies complementing the lead vocals. Listeners will feel joy when hearing the spiritual lyrics on “Living At Peace” as they gently move the body and soul. “Unique Me” is a bouncy blues tune with colorful piano fills and spirited drum beats. The entire album is appealing as tempos gracefully shift from upbeat to a gentle ballad.  “Alive” is filled with ideal, uplifting mood music, and fans of upbeat folk rock will definitely enjoy this album.
Diane and the Reviewer Team

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Redirecting Children's Behavior for Parents

"On behalf of the Summit/Chatham Mother’s & More chapter. I’d like to thank you for speaking at our meeting.. The information you presented about Redirecting Children’s Behavior was extremely insightful and helpful. You’ve helped many of us rethink our own discipline techniques and have given us positive tools to deal with power struggles and other issues."
Carolyn Chasalow - Programming Coordinator for Mother's and More Chapter, NJ


"The Redirecting Children's Behavior course shows you how to parent from love, peace, support, and encouragement. It teaches you to pause before you fly off the handle and teaches you strategies and techniques for creating peace in your home and win-win situations. It takes the "conflict" so many of us feel out of our families and to solve the issues facing us today. It teaches us to teach our children how to handle conflict with responsibility, cooperation and respect."
Jennifer Wangler - Class Participant


"After taking the RCB course I am experiencing better communication, less stress and more peace. I am calmer and I know I have the tools now to handle situations that I felt powerless over. The role–playing allowed me to feel what the child/parent would feel in the different scenarios. Sharon is an incredible instructor. She is effective, caring and knowledgeable."
Diane Thomas - Class Participant

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Teacher In-services

"I would like to thank you again for speaking to our teachers at our Hillsborough center on April 30th, 2007 to talk about "Handling Aggressive Children." The teachers appreciated how knowledgeable you were on the topic. The teachers enjoyed networking and the hands-on activities. Overall, your preparedness made the night very enjoyable for our staff. We appreciate your resourcefulness and devotion to educating professionals in early childhood education."
Kiddie Academy of Hillsborough


"I would like to thank you for traveling to our Rockaway center on May 25, 2005 and presenting Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom. The teachers enjoyed the plethora of tools you provided them with in order to implement them in their classrooms. In addition, the teachers enjoyed the demonstrations and role plays because it modeled other positive discipline strategies. Kiddie Academy strives to offer the highest quality childcare by continuously improving our early childhood education. Thank you Living At Peace, LLC, in helping us achieve this goal."
Kiddie Academy of Rockaway


"The children are more receptive to cooperating with one another and resolving their own conflicts. It also helped me identify the various behaviors of the children."
Bernadette Citarella - Hightstown Public School Teacher

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What a beautiful experience I had at Yoga Sol sharing a kirtan with you .The combination of sound, souls present and a space with clear and beautiful energy in it assisted me in having a wonderful chakra opening and clearing.  As prana swirled, danced and played through me I was able to harness what I needed energetically and give the rest back to you and Joni and the rest of the group.  Thank you for sharing your gifts.  Om shanti, om peace.
Julie  Kripali - Kirtan Participant


Thank you for a deeply joyful and transformative evening. I just loved the evolution of the mantras you selected and your explanations, including the idea to do the hand mudras during Om Namah Shivaya.  I floated home listening to and chanting along with your CD and I slept through the night for the first time in over a month. 
Portia Robert - Kirtan Participant


"Sharon's unique twist on Kirtan is mesmerizing.  Her vocal tones and melody weave a powerful foundation for the vibration of chant. Her love of Kirtan is so apparent that is shines through every mantra.  Truly a heart-opening experience that one can immerse into and get lost forever." "Sharon and the Peace Project recently played at my healing center.  This is truly Kirtan for everyone, for those new to Kirtan as well as long-timer lovers of Kirtan. The melodies and Sharon's down-to-earth style make the mantras easy to follow, as she gently leads us on a blissful journey.  The room was electric and alive."
Michele B. Engoran, MA, Director - Center for Relaxation & Healing at Plainsboro

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Nada Yoga

"Thank you, Sharon, for being with us in such a calm and loving way. I've been practicing one of the breath/sound meditations while waiting in traffic in my car and the vibration takes care of the stress."
Carol, Nada Class Participant

"Sharon's Nada Class was an inspiring experience. She has a wonderful spirit and her approach is one of openness and kindness, encouraging individual expression. The meditation practice introduced brought to me a sense of inner stillness and peace. Thank you, Sharon."
Dana Oley, Nada ClassParticipant

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