What is Kirtan ?

Meditation doesn't come easy for many people. And that's where Kirtan-an ancient participatory music experience offers another method. Without the work of mentally quieting the mind, Kirtan can carry us effortlessly to a place of quiet, to stillness. One of the oldest sacred music traditions of the world, the Kirtan call-and-response chanting of simple Mantras comes to us from India. Some people who come are familiar with some of the Mantras but it is not necessary to know the Mantras beforehand. It is more important for you to hold a space of wanting to go deep into presence and inner body awareness. Then the vibration of the Mantra can move the energy in the areas of the body that are in need of healing.

Why is Kirtan Healing?

The ancient language of Sanskrit is a vibrational language revealed to the Masters who sat in deep meditation and heard the vibrational sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet moving through the psychic energy channels in the body, called Nadis. When using one or more of the Sanskrit letters to form a word it is called a Mantra. The Kirtan uses these Mantras along with music to assist in the conscious flow of energy through the body to create a peaceful and relaxed state of being. The healing and transformational energies of these ancient chants can help to reconnect us to our true nature, love, that lies within us all. Kirtan is designed to lead us toward a meditative state of oneness and wholeness.

You can expect to feel some energy moving through your body as we progress through the Kirtan and at the end we do a short meditation at which time you will experience a very quiet mind that if not for doing Kirtan might have taken many hours of silent meditation to obtain.


Singer/songwriter Sharon Silverstein has been bringing her transformational music to Delaware Valley audiences since 1989. She received her Bachelor of Music degree from Rutgers University in 1988. A Yogini since 2001, she has been practicing Yoga and studying Sound Yoga (Nada Yoga). Nada Yoga is the union of the self by means of Nada, the inner music (sound current). Her music moves people to greater self-awareness, unity, and peace through Mantra, original inspirational lyrics, motivational rhythms and her message of love and light.

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