Who is Sharon Silverstein and The Peace Project?

Inspirational singer/songwriter Sharon Silverstein moves people to greater self-awareness, unity, and world peace by combining sacred mantras, powerful lyrics and motivational rhythms. The transformational vibrations of Sharon's music and voice are uplifting to the heart and soul.

Sharon picked up the guitar at the age of nine and began learning classical guitar and voice. She learned to play the Trumpet and French Horn at the age of ten and continued to play French Horn as a music major at Rutgers University. Sharon learned to play all the concert band instruments, became a NJ certified music teacher and taught middle school band for fifteen years. Sharon always felt called to express her voice through songwriting at a very early age and continued to compose original music throughout her career as a way to express emotion and cleanse what was a traumatic childhood. As a result of her first experience with Yoga in 2002, she was inspired by the chanting and began the Bhakti path of devotion.

Sharon Silverstein is a professional singer/songwriter, practitioner of Sound Yoga, certified Yoga instructor, motivational speaker, life coach, certified parent educator, certified music teacher and the founder and president of the NJ based company, Living At Peace, LLC. Living At Peace provides programs so that communities, families, and individuals can have deeper, stronger and more sustainable relationships. Sharon holds a BM in Music from Rutgers University. She presents workshops and programs for teachers, parents, children, and adults of all ages throughout the country. Her work has been featured on local cable television and radio programs, in local and county newspapers, and in national magazines.
For more information view her website at www.livingatpeace.com.

A native of New Jersey, Sharon has performed at The Philadelphia Society for Art, Literature and Music, the New York City Marathon, the Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden in Delray Beach, The New Life Expo in New York, Shala Yoga in Sedona, the One Love Festival in Norfolk, the Paul Robeson Art Center in Princeton, the Princeton Center for Yoga and Health, Elkins Estate in PA, and many other venues, festivals and yoga retreats and yoga centers throughout the country.

All ages will be inspired when listening to the motivational album “Alive” by Sharon Silverstein and The Peace Project. A wonderful vocalist, Silverstein proves her ability to sing with the grace and style of enthusiastic stimulation with the intonation of folk rock. The title track “Alive” is fresh and energetic in tempo, with nice harmonies complementing the lead vocals. Listeners will feel joy when hearing the spiritual lyrics on “Living At Peace” as they gently move the body and soul. “Unique Me” is a bouncy blues tune with colorful piano fills and spirited drum beats. The entire album is appealing as tempos gracefully shift from upbeat to a gentle ballad.  “Alive” is filled with ideal, uplifting mood music, and fans of upbeat folk rock will definitely enjoy this album.
RadioIndy Music Reviewer Team

Silverstein and The Peace Project touch the very soul, conveying ideas about unconditional love, grace and the great human potential all humans have for true wisdom. Ms. Silverstein’s lyrics hit you at a deep, almost subconscious level. Her resonate voice — a little bit Sheryl Crow, a touch Grace Slick and a smidgeon Janis Joplin — gives her music a transformational quality. Anyone who listens to her CD “Alive” gets a kind of Living At Peace spiritual boot camp.
Susan Van Dongen – Courier News

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