Prana Yoga:

Prana Yoga is the yoga of accessing the experience of prana through yoga practice. This practice guides students through the prana body with the use of yoga postures, movement, breath, sound, concentration, and meditation. Students will learn how to apply core seed sounds (Mantras), vowel sounds, and breath work to their asana practice in order to balance and heal the body’s energy centers (Chakras). This class is a guided approach to accessing more energy and releasing stress.

Sharon is available for private Yoga sessiona and group Yoga classes. Call for booking information.


Nada Yoga:

Nada Yoga, "union through sound" is a meditative practice using sound current and pranayama (breathing techniques) that quiets the mind, develops deep listening, inner body awareness and presence, so as to awaken to the pure consciousness within and without. Nada is the primal energy, the cosmic music of the universe. Like an instrument, we are tuning the body and mind to the cosmic vibration of the universe. Inner Nada is the voice of the silent presence within, your inner Guru, the I-am.




Sound Foundations Workshop:

Discover how you can use your own voice to create a sense of peace, self-awareness and relaxation.  This workshop focuses on balancing each energy center (Chakra) of the body by using core seed sounds (Mantras), vowel sounds, and breath work. We can use these sound vibrations to access our prana (life force) and facilitate healing. The seed sounds are used to activate each chakra while the vowel sounds release tension and facilitate the movement of Prana through the energy channels (Nadis) of the body. This creates various sensations in the body but more important it will quiet the mind, bring us to stillness and back to the center of our being.

Call to schedule a workshop.


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