To promote healthier, stronger, and deeper relationships among individuals, families and communities.

The Peace Program promotes stress reduction, self-esteem, self-reflection and team building. The program provides coping skills, strategies, and tools, which incorporate the multiple intelligences. These include mindfulness, yoga, guided visualization, music, vocal toning, and short stories. The program is designed for a variety of venues, including, corporate, mental health, private and public school facilities. Each workshop is custom tailored to meet the needs of its respective audience.

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Professional Development
This program is in alignment with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards, the NJ Standards for Teachers and with Danielson's Framework for Teaching. The Peace Program offers Professional Development hours for teachers and we will soon be offering CEU's for Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals.

 New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards;

  • 2.1 Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle
  • 2.2 Character Development
  • 2.4 Human Relationships
  • 3.4 Listening Actively
  • 9.1 21st-Century Life and Career Skills

Danielson’s Framework for Teaching; Domain #2: The Classroom Environment
Component 2A: Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport
As it aspires to instill these two elements, the program focuses on teacher interactions with students and student interactions with other students.
Domain # 4: Self- Reflection, for teachers

Program Components:

Vocal Toning/Music uses your own voice to create a sense of peace, self-awareness and relaxation. Additionally, Sharon Silverstein provides live music to accompany the Yoga portion of the program which creates a deeper experience for participants.

Yoga combines postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation and guided visualization. Participants learn to tap into their own sense of peace, balance and inner joy. They are guided on their own inner journey reducing stress in mind and body while building concentration, and finding the courage to trust their own inner wisdom.

Short Stories and poems from around the world, centered on themes of compassion, respect, peace and self- awareness. They are shared and designed to initiate team building and introspective discussion among participants.



Susan Martinez, MSW, LSW, is a clinical social worker, educator, and Certified Yoga Instructor at the advanced 500-hour level and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Her qualifications include a BA from Rutgers University and teaching certifications for grades K-12 and Spanish. Susan earned her Masters in Social Work from the Rutgers University School of Social Work. She specializes in trauma and addictions. Susan has studied meditation and holistic healing since 1981 and she is a Reiki Master teacher. She has taught yoga throughout NJ since 2001. She has found great satisfaction and meaning in her own life's journey through the practice and teaching of yoga and is honored to share

Sharon Silverstein is a professional singer/songwriter, practitioner of Sound Yoga, certified Yoga instructor, motivational speaker, life coach, certified parent educator, certified music teacher and the founder and president of the NJ based company, Living At Peace, LLC since 2002. Living At Peace provides programs so communities, families, and individuals can have deeper, stronger and more sustainable relationships. Sharon holds a BM in Music from Rutgers University. Sharon presents workshops and programs for teachers, parents, children, and adults of all ages throughout the country. Her work has been featured on local cable television and radio programs, in local and county newspapers, and in national magazines.


Yoga Participant:
"I have been practicing yoga for along time and I have taken a lot of yoga and I really enjoyed your workshop. In fact, this was the best workshop I have ever taken!"

Vocal Toning Participant:
"Thank you, Sharon, for being with us in such a calm and loving way. I've been practicing one of the breath/sound meditations while waiting in traffic in my car and the vibration takes care of the stress."

Program Participant:
"What this training has meant to me has been the opportunity for me to further my intentions to be a fully integrated human being. It was a very pleasant environment and the pace of the workshop was good!

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