What is RCB for Kids?

The RCB for Kids class was designed by The International Network for Children and Families so children can learn, understand and use the Redirecting Children's Behavior Course (RCB) tools and techniques with their RCB parents. Living At Peace offers this interactive, hands-on, fun class designed for children 6-12 whose parents have either taken or are currently taking the Redirecting Children's Behavior Course (RCB) for Parents.
The Class Outline:

Four classes are held every other day for 2 hours, for a total of 8 hours of instruction. This allows adequate time to practice and master the concepts and methods. Daily goals are given and set by each participant. Problems and successes are shared in a warm supportive environment.

Children Will Learn To:

Self-motivate and self-manage
Build a positive self-image
Accept responsibility for their actions
Resolve conflicts with siblings and friends
Promote cooperation and helpfulness
Make positive contributions to the family
Ask for attention appropriately
Become proactive confident thinkers
Use Integrity

Using the tools from the RCB for Kids class and RCB for Parents, children and their parents learn to communicate, collaborate, and cooperate to create a Win/Win for the entire family.

Sharon is also available for private RCB Sessions and Coaching
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